Alkioni Wildlife Hospital/Paros, May 2022

Marios Fournaris has established a unique bird rehabilitation haven at the ALKYONI Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. This video highlights the centre's operations and its mission to offer injured birds a better life.

Since 1995, ALKYONI has cared for over 17,000 wild animals, mainly birds, with a 60% success rate in returning them to nature. The 12.60-acre facility includes a veterinary clinic, education areas, animal enclosures, and volunteer accommodations, all powered by sustainable energy.

Unlike zoos, the centre focuses on rehabilitating trauma-affected animals for reintegration into the wild. ALKYONI's dedication to environmental education is evident through school visits and interactive workshops, often featuring bird releases. Their commitment to wildlife care and community education plays a crucial role in fostering a deeper respect for animals and the environment.

The IUPUI Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering students and faculty produced this documentary during their Study Abroad Trip to Paros, Greece, in 2022.