Kostos is built in a pine forest and offers serene landscapes and warm local hospitality. If you're looking for something off the typical tourist trail, with a blend of tradition, tranquillity, and beautiful scenery, Kostos is the place for you.

Photo: digitalparos

Soak Up the Slower-Paced Atmosphere

Unlike the more touristy areas of Paros, Kostos has retained a pace of life that harks back to a bygone era. The village invites you to slow down and savour every moment. Stroll through its narrow, cobbled streets, explore the whitewashed houses adorned with bougainvillaea, and take a break in the Kafenion in its charming village square. It's an invitation to relax, unplug, and enjoy the moment, perhaps while indulging in a Suma, the spirit native to Paros.

Local Culture and Traditions

The village is home to the Church of Agios Panteleimon, the village’s patron saint, celebrated on July 27th and the church of Agia Marina on July 17th. If you visit on one of those dates, you can witness the annual feast held in the saints’ honour, when the entire community comes together to celebrate. Participating in these local festivities is a beautiful way to contribute to the community spirit while gaining insights into the rich cultural tapestry of Kostos.

As you venture beyond the settlement, you'll come across the historic "laundries" where women used to wash their family's clothes in the absence of running water. The site has undergone recent renovations.

Savour the Local Cuisine

While in Kostos, you can visit the traditional taverna nestled beneath the pine trees. Additionally, there are two Kafenions situated in the town square that offer a delectable selection of mezes. You will want to take advantage of the opportunity to sample the simple and flavourful local specialities and wines, all while experiencing the local warm hospitability.

Comfortable Stay Options

As Kostos is a small village, accommodation options may be limited. Yet, you'll find a few charming rentals, some run by local families. Staying in such places provides a unique chance to experience genuine Greek hospitality. To reduce your environmental footprint, consider reusing towels, saving water, and switching off lights when leaving the room.

The Great Outdoors

Kostos is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes that are perfect for outdoor lovers. Take advantage of the numerous hiking trails through olive groves and vineyards. Sticking to marked trails will ensure you have a great time while protecting the local ecosystem.

Kostos is the perfect place to experience the timeless charm of Greek island life at its most authentic. It's an ideal retreat from the more bustling areas of Paros, offering peace, tradition, and a friendly local community. This hidden gem truly is a breath of fresh air for any traveller.