Blending Classic Artistry with Modern Sensibilities

Her education at the University of Minnesota, under Diane Katsiaficas and Joyce Lyon, laid the foundation for a rich exploration in studio arts and art history. This foundation set the stage for her Master's in art education, equipping her with the tools to not only create but to inspire.

Neva Bergemann | Photo: Dan Haimovich

The Aegean Calling

1997 marked a pivotal chapter in Neva's life, as she attended the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts. This transformative period, under Jane Morris Pack’s mentorship, led her to permanently relocate to Greece. There, Neva established her art studio and founded 'Artists on the Move', an innovative program blending visual arts with the cultural heritage of Paros.

Teaching and Creating

Since 2010, Neva's engagement at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts (HISA) as a lead instructor in the department of visual arts, showcases her commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists. Her approach to teaching is as multifaceted as her art, blending practical studio work with an appreciation for the broader cultural context.

Neva Bergemann: A Fusion of Classic and Modern Artistry

Neva Bergemann’s artwork represents a unique fusion of classical themes with a contemporary approach. Her portfolio includes figure painting, still life, landscapes, and portraits, each piece distinguished by a singularly driven focus infused with a rich attention to detail. This distinctive style has won her international recognition and a presence in private collections globally. Residing in Paros, her life is a dynamic blend of artistic creation, teaching, and continuous growth. Neva always embraces new mediums and themes, underscoring her belief in the importance of adaptability and innovation in the art world.

Living the Dream

Today, Neva lives a life many dream of. As a painter and printmaker in Paros, she is not just creating art but is an integral part of the artistic community. She teaches art to a diverse group of students, from young learners to adult travelers, ensuring that her knowledge and passion for art are shared widely.

The Olive Tree: Symbolism and Serenity

A central theme in Neva’s recent work is her captivation with the Mediterranean landscape, especially the olive tree. Her pieces reflect on the olive tree’s symbolism in Mediterranean culture - resilience, prosperity, peace. The trees are rendered in stark, blackened graphite against a white backdrop, highlighting their stoic beauty and communal spirit.

Invitation to Explore

For art enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike, Neva’s work and teaching philosophy can be explored through various channels: