Dimitrakopoulos Arts Centre Parikia/Paros, October 9th.

The event featured talks that were easy to understand, interactive booths that demonstrated AI applications, and a panel discussion. The keynote speakers, Bernie Steinbach and Evangelos Kopanakis, unveiled the secrets of algorithms and interacted with the possibilities of AI - the tool of the future. The event addressed a range of essential questions, such as how we can use AI, its impact on our lives, how it will affect our working life, its potential use by governments, and its use in education and training. The limitations of AI were also discussed, including issues surrounding content, copyrights, intellectual properties, and regulation. The event also explored how AI will impact creative arts such as writing, painting, acting, dubbing, and cinema. Additionally, the event addressed concerns over what kinds of jobs may disappear with AI's arrival.

It was decided to postpone a more philosophical discussion about AI's impact on human civilization to another date, given the event had already lasted for three hours.

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We apologize for the less than optimal audio and video quality. Due to limited resources, we were only able to use iPhone recordings for the production of this video.

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