A Conversation with Tonia Panteleou, December 2023 | Hosted by Nicolas Stephanou

Tonia Panteleou, the newly elected General Secretary of the Archilochos Association, offers a fresh perspective on Paros' current environmental and societal landscape in this insightful dialogue.
At a time when Paros is on the verge of significant change, Panteleou's analyses shed light on the present reality of the island. Following recent local elections, the renewal of the Municipal Council aligns with this shift, signalling a new era of transformative possibilities for the community.

Archilochos Cultural Association of Paros

Archilochos is a well-known institution on the island of Paros, with a history dating back to 1976. It was established after the restoration of democracy in Greece and has been actively involved in cultural, social, and civic activities ever since. The association derives its name from the Parian lyric poet of the 7th century BC.

Responding to Environmental Challenges

As Panteleou discusses the future of Paros, she brings into focus the environmental challenges that are at the forefront of this transformation, including overconstruction, overtourism, and conservation efforts. She sheds light on the Archilochos Association's agenda for tackling these issues, emphasizing the importance of collaborative approaches and innovative solutions. As the coordinator of the association's Environmental Group, she focuses on promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about environmental stewardship among locals and visitors alike.

The Citizen's Movement and Future Directions

Beyond environmental concerns, Panteleou casts light on the broader societal impact, both at local and national levels, mainly focusing on the Citizen's Movement of 2023. This grassroots initiative has been pivotal in driving community action and influencing policy, exemplifying the power of collective citizen engagement in societal change.

Envisioning a Sustainable Future

Looking ahead, Panteleou envisions a future where environmental activism, community involvement, and sustainable development are deeply interlinked, shaping the destiny of Paros. This conversation is not just a reflection of current social and environmental activism efforts but also a source of motivation, projecting a vision of a resilient and sustainable future for the island.