A short video of the 2004 Olympic flame relay celebrations on Paros

On Friday, 19 April 2024, Paros became a key stop on the 2024 Olympic Torch Relay's journey to Paris. The local community welcomed the Olympic flame with great enthusiasm, celebrating the unifying power of sport with fervour and festivity. This visit marked an illustrious chapter in the relay's journey through Greece, showcasing the island and its wide range of cultural and natural beauty.

A profound symbol of peace and universality

The Olympic torch, a profound symbol of peace and universality inherited from the cultural heritage of the Ancient world, began its journey with a ceremonial lighting in the ancient ruins of Olympia. In tribute to Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, the first torchbearer started the relay from the historic stadium of Olympia to the stele of Coubertin. This act underlines the profound ideals of the Games, combining tradition with the aspirations of a modern sporting spectacle.

An 11-day route across Greece

Over an 11-day route, around 550 torchbearers carried the flame across Greece, ending at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The route traversed Greece's vast landscapes, linking four corners of the country and incorporating major archaeological treasures. It reflected a journey through time, celebrating modern achievements and ancient glories side by side.

The cultural ties between Greece and France

The Greek leg of the relay honoured the historical and cultural ties between Greece and France, the host country of the 2024 Games. Following its passage through Greece, the flame will travel by boat to Marseille, France. From there, the flame will embark on an unprecedented journey across France, including visits to the French Overseas Territories, and will end in Paris.